Mixed Angelfish Medium

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Feeding Instructions: Diet: Frozen, Freeze dried

Housing: 29+ gallon tank, Moderately planted, Water temperature 76-86 degrees F

Things to Remember

Staple diet

Choose a tropical flake or pellet fish food. Feed according to the directions on the packaging.

Specialty Foods

Angelfish will enjoy fresh or frozen bloodworms, brine shrimp and daphnia. Always remember to thaw frozen foods before feeding.

Frequent Feedings

For optimum health, feed your angelfish as much food as they will consume in 1-3 minutes, twice a day. You can alternate between regular staple diet feedings and 2-4 meals per week of a specialty food.


Start with a 29-gallon or larger, tall aquarium. A good rule of thumb is one gallon of water for every one inch of full-grown fish.


Decorate their aquarium with rocks, driftwood and plants, but be sure to place them on the sides and back of the aquarium so they’ll have enough space to swim in the center. Avoid decor with sharp edges.

Fish Compatibility

Angelfish should not be housed with highly aggressive tank mates or fin nippers. They can share their aquarium with community gouramis, discus and other non-aggressive cichlids.


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