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  • What is ornamental.fish?

    Ornamental.fish is a classified website or platform for online advertising to promote aquatic products or services connecting both buyers and sellers in one single entity. Free Classified Ads and Paid Classified Ads are the available options that enable users to add or search listings. It is fully responsive and SEO optimized.

  • What type of ads do you offer?

    We offer 3 types of Ads.

    Free Ads:

    It is a free ad posting. Register an account and start posting Regular Ads right away, without having to purchase a plan. There is no expired date for regular ads. In other words, your regular ads will be available for life time at our website, unless you mark it as sold or delete it.

    We give away 5 FREE Regular Ads. After this limit is reached, he or she will be required to buy an ad plan if they want to post more ads. Those, who have already bought any ad plan, will also have the chance to post 5 or more free Regular Ads.

    Click here for instructional video.

    Featured Ads :

    It is a paid ads posting. Users must purchase a plan to post Featured Ads in which featured ads are highlighted on the main classifieds page and always appear at Premium Advertisement Slider, search results, on top of the ad listings, sidebar in pages and footer. Those who choose to feature their ads get the benefit of having their ads be more visible among the many other ads posted. Below are some examples of Featured Ads which being randomly rotated in premium locations for higher visibility and more exposure.

    Premium Advertisement Slider:

    Premium Advertisement Slider

    Search Results:

    Search Results

    On top Of The Ad Listings:

    On top Of The Ad Listings

    A featured ad will turn into a regular ad after reaching an expiration date. For example, an user has posted a Featured Ads and it will be listed for 15 days on premium locations. Once the Featured Ad has reached its expiration date,  ornamental.fish will expire the Featured ads automatically and change Featured Ad to a non-featured.

    For this purpose, we reserves the sole and absolute discretion to decide which locations constitute prime locations, which may include any of the following:-

    • Desktop : Top of the listing page for every page. The Featured Ad is refreshed as the page refreshes.
    • Mobile Site : Top of the listing page for every page. The Featured Ad is refreshed as the page refreshes.

    Note: Featured Ad is controlled by ornamental.fish backend. (If you do not see your ad, it is because it shares the space with other ads. But thanks to the millions of page views on ornamental.fish, it will still be shown thousands of times!) Featured Ad is displayed as per the matching of search criteria which is based on the keywords/Locations from Ad title, Ad description and Ad Location.

    Click here for instructional video.

    Bump Ad:

    When a user’s ad goes down in the listings, the user can take the advantage of Bump Ad and bring it back up to the top of the first page for more views! The Bump Ad will help to update the posted ad to current date & time, hence that ad will be listed again on top.

    Click here for instructional video.

  • Is there a limit on how many Featured / Bump Ads I can buy?

    No. We have a variety of package sizes to suit everyone! Simply find out more about our pricing plan packages for Featured Ads or contact support for special plan.

  • Do I have to register?

    You must register if you wish to place an ad. You can browse and respond to the ads without registering.

  • How do I place an ad?

    You can find a step-by-step walkthrough on how to place an ad by clicking here.

  • How do I pay for an ad plan?

    You can find a step-by-step walkthrough on how to place an ad by clicking here.

  • I know I want to place an ad, but I still have questions. What should I do?

    Please contact the admin at WhatsApp: 0198280131 or email us at conatct@sibu.design.

  • Why has my ad not been published?

    There are two possible reasons for this:

    1. Your ad has not yet been checked by our ad checking team.
    2. Your ad has not been approved because it did not adhere to our Rules of Advertising. Please check your email account for an email from us – we have sent you instructions on how to re-post your ad.


  • Why is my image missing from my ad?

    Your image could have been deleted by our ad checking team because it did not adhere to our Rules Of Advertising.

  • Why do I have to provide my mobile number?

    We ask for your mobile number as our ad checking team might contact you to clarify information about your ad.

  • Why do I have to install WhatsApp on my mobile?

    WhatsApp lets your potential customers contact you directly via WhatsApp to clarify information about your ad. When they click the WhatsApp icon, it opens a WhatsApp conversation and they will be able to send you the predefined message without having to add your phone number to their contact list. You may find the WhatsApp icon on the right bottom corner of any ad.

  • Can I make changes to my ad?

    If your submission has been sent, it is no longer editable.

  • Why is my account deactivated?

    Your account may be deactivated because you have not inserted ads or bought any premium services for the last 6 months or due to suspicion of theft of the account, false information, infringing material or information or activities that ornamental.fish deemed to be inappropriate.

  • How can I reactivate my account?

    To reactivate your account, contact admin at WhatsApp: 0198280131 (Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm except public holidays).



  • Will other users be able to see my personal information?

    No. The information that you provide during registration does not show up on your ads, only your username. However, you can have your email, phone number, WhatsApp appear if you enter that information when you place your actual ad.